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Bikash has been working in PHASE for the last 11 years as a project lead managing both Development and Research projects in Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Wellbeing, and Disaster Risk Reduction. Working closely with the frontline team, he is well acquainted with the underlying issues of diverse localities in hard-to-reach areas of Nepal. He has also worked on several research projects implemented by PHASE, especially using participatory methods, and has facilitated several policy workshops from local to national levels.  His academic background is in Natural Science with Mathematics and Statistics with an MPhil in advanced quantitative methods. He is also a doctoral fellow at the University of Huddersfield pursuing a PhD in Public Health. He has strong research interests in health, food security, and cross-cutting issues relating to grassroots community development. With a blend of in-depth cultural and developmental understanding, efficient communication skills, academic knowledge, and experience in working with more than 20 international partners, Bikash is providing both creative and technical inputs to the project. He has an avid aptitude and interest in technology and its adoption in academia, development, and research. Bikash is excited to be a part of the HSRI Health System Research team.

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