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Research Fellow
Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences

Sujata holds a PhD (Pharmacy) from The University of Sydney in Australia (under an Australia Awards Scholarship); she completed her postgraduate (MPharm, specialisation: Pharmaceutical Care) and Undergraduate (BPharm) from Kathmandu University in Nepal.  She is a registered pharmacist with the Nepal Pharmacy Council.
Sujata has over five years of experience in health research (in the academic and NGO sectors), and is also acquainted with pharmaceutical marketing and market research. In addition to her Post-Doctoral researcher role in this project at MMIHS, she is a Fellow (Trainee) in ‘Translational Research Initiative to building to address Cardiovascular Diseases in Nepal (TRIEN-Nepal)’ – a project funded by the National Heart Lungs and Blood Institute (NHLBI), USA and implemented by Dhulikhel Hospital (Kathmandu University Hospital), Nepal.  Under this project she is being trained in Implementation Science and Implementation Research Methodologies.  Sujata also makes voluntary contributions as Vice President- Research to Alliance Against AMR, an initiative dedicated towards exploring and addressing antimicrobial resistance issues in Nepal through research and awareness activities.
Sujata is primarily interested in research focusing on chronic/non-communicable disease management and medication safety. She is interested in understanding (and addressing) individual, social and health-system related factors that impact people’s health and medication related behaviour.

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