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Extensive Media Coverage on Project's Preliminary Findings Discussed with Parliamentarians

Updated: May 4, 2023

On second and third week of April, several national media outlets in Nepal covered our project "The impact of federalisation on Nepal's health system: a longitudinal analysis."

The introduction of federalisation in Nepal through the 2015 Constitution brought significant changes to the health system. To gain a better understanding of these changes, researchers focused their efforts in three provinces. They conducted interviews with 243 stakeholders at all three levels of government and organized 31 Participatory Policy Analysis workshops at local and provincial levels. The research team includes members from the Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences in Kathmandu, PHASE Nepal in Bhaktapur, and three UK institutions: the Universities of Sheffield, Bournemouth, and Huddersfield. In addition, researchers from the UK and Nepal met with Provincial and Federal MPs to discuss the preliminary findings of the study on federalisation and its impact on health.

News articles appeared in national newspapers in Nepal, both in English and Nepali including Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal, the government owned Nepali and English Language newspapers.

The preliminary findings of the research project shed light on the impact of political federalisation on Nepal's healthcare system. The research team presented a summary of these findings to invited Members of Parliament (MPs), as well as local and provincial political leaders. They sought their input and perspectives on the political opportunities and challenges associated with advancing the development of the country's health system. An article discussing these findings and featuring an exclusive interview with Prof. Simon Rushton, the principal investigator based at the University of Sheffield, was published in The Himalayan Times.

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